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Open science tools

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For general intros to various aspects of open science and (lots of) material, try Open Science MOOC, the open data handbook and the open definition. (A thread on this to follow!)

Some of our favourite tools are:

Projects/data tools


  • Jupyter notebook/lab: browser-based interface for computational notebooks. Multiple languages available, and easy to share/export.
  • Github: code sharing, including versioning and collaborative features. (Can also be used for any set of (mainly) text files, e.g. manuscript preparation.)

Projects & data sharing

  • Open Science Foundation (OSF): for projects, data etc., includes wiki, versioning and DOI.
  • Figshare: General file & project sharing, includes versioning and DOI.
  • Zenodo: General file & project sharing, includes versioning and DOI.

Manuscripts & publications

Manuscript preparation (for online and collaborative writing)

  • Authorea: Web-based editor, including LaTeX support, and direct online publication with DOI.
  • Overleaf: Online LaTeX editor.

Reference managers

Open peer reviews & literature discussion

Please add your recommendations to this thread.

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